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How to Shop

How to Shop

How to Shop 

We are open to answer any questions from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 11:30 PM and from 8 AM to 11 PM (EST) 

You may send us an email to at all hours.

We only display the puppies we have available. You can make your selection from our wide variety of breeds and coat colors by browsing each of our available puppies pictures. We will deliver your puppy to your closest International Airport where Pet Cargo is available.

An inflight nanny is required if direct Pet Cargo flights are not available to your city. The inflight nanny cost can vary from a destination to another.

Purchasing Steps

  1. Carefully select your teacup puppy from the Available Puppies section.
  1. Contact us straight away with any further questions and concerns by Using our contact form or send us an email to
  1. Once you have made your choice, contact us to reserve or hold your selected puppy by Using our contact form or send us an email to
  1. We ask for a $500 deposit to hold your selected puppy if you are not paying in full. A deposit will reserve your puppy for (7) calendar days only. When the (7) calendar days have passed and the balance owing on your puppy has not been paid, the buyer will be refunded the initial deposit. If you wish to discuss a different payment arrangement Contact Us, Financing is available for US and Canadian-based clients only. If the final balance is not paid on the approved date within 7 days, the puppy will be placed back as available on the site. 
  1. We accept the following payment options: Zelle &  ApplePay. please always Contact us for payment details

Once full payment has been made and the funds are available and confirm in our account, we will proceed with your puppy’s export papers process and flight booking, once that is the done we will get back to you with full flight details including a tracking number that will help you tract and see the delivery status of your new best friend.  

Feel free to contact us for any further assistance before or after you’ve received your puppy. We are always available to ensure customer satisfaction..

All of our prices are in USD and the transportation by Pet Cargo will be included for selected cities.

***A purchased puppy is NON-REFUNDABLE. Please be sure of the commitment to adding your pet companion to your household before putting down a deposit or making a full payment.  

***All Deposits are REFUNDABLE. But Please be sure of the commitment to adding your pet companion to your household before putting down a deposit or making a full payment.  



More Puppies

Here at Bijou Teacup Puppies we have very healthy and ready to go puppies happy to move into a new home. Checkout all available pups and make a choise from the numerous puppies and breeds available here.

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